Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Nami island and Petite France

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NAMI ISLAND FOR TODAYYYYY !!!!!! From Itaewon, we took subway to sangbong and we took ITX to Gangpyeong station. While waiting for our ITX train to come, we can see there a lot of ahjussi and ahjumma waiting for the train also. We were told that they are going hiking. We can see the different culture rom Malaysia. Every weekend, most of us went for shopping or search for food to eat. But, in Korea there a lot of elderly went for hiking. They bought food from home to eat it while hiking. So, it is really feel different here in Korea.
acah2 je tu..
Waiting for the train. Ahjumma and ahjussi..
Train filled with hikers
Happy faces !
After we reached to Gapyeong station, we took a shuttle bus there. The bus will took us around the area for one whole day. Usually, tourist took the bus to go to Nami Island, petite france and Morning Calm Arboretum. As we want to go to Nami Island and Petite France, so we took the bus (6000W per person).  After reached to the Nami Island jetty, we bought the entrance ticket for 8000W. We rode the ferry from the jetty to the Nami Island. It is really beautiful. Luckily, that day was sunny and a lot of people went there. Most of the people that came as a couple. Nami Island is popular because of the popular K drama called Winter Sonata. Most of the scenes were took in Nami Island. Therefore, Nami Island became one of the popular place and a-must-place to go in Korea.
Gapyeong station
View from the bus. So calm and green

Buggy jumping
Entrance to the ferry
The ferry are here !
Shades on !
Stacking stones

Winter sonata
We were so hungry because we didn’t had our lunch yet. So we went to Asian Cuisine where they sell Korean food. OUR VERY FIRST KOREAN FOOD !!! YEAYY !!! We ate Jjangjamyeon, kimchi fried rice and rice with spicy stir fried octopus. The rate of the food is 5/5. The food was sooo delicious. *I miss the octopus*. I don’t know how to describe the taste of the Jjangjamyeon (black noodle) but in that dish there were potato, cucumber and chop onion. For spicy stir fried Octopus, it is really spicy! But the octopus is super soft. It feels like octopus swim in my mouth. Haha. After done eating, we went for our pray. Alhamdullilah, there are prayer room provided. It is really comfortable until we slept there for 30 minute. We are so tired. The island is really big. The prayer room was located inside the Nami library. In the library, there are sections where children will listen to the story teller there. It is really interesting thing to watch because I don’t think that in Malaysia, we have something like this.

Our lunch
The library
The pole made from stacking of books
Faham ke x bdk 2 org tu. --"
Kanak2 riang in the Island~
Travel buddy ~

Last one before heading to Petite France
After a long day in Nami Island, we went to petite france. Petite france is the place where running man had their shooting there. But I don’t like the place that much because it filled with clown picture and there are also huge clown statues there. I really hate clown because they scare me out. Give me all sort of chill. --‘.

View from the top
Crowded ~
Puppet show~
the view just so nice
Musical insects
Filled with clown's picture. --"

My hope and dream to be able to touch the real Eiffel tower

Goodbye Petite France
 We took the 5.30pm bus from petite france to the nearest subway station. We went back to itaewon. 

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