Sunday, August 30, 2015

Second Day in Hanguk~

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Subway line 6 (brown line)
We are in day 2 ! Our first journey was went to Gwanghwamun Square. Its really simple to find the place. After rode the subway, searched for the exit where its already stated to where is the Gwanghwamun square were. 

Wefie with Admiral Yi Sun Si statue..

King Sejong..
Hangul. One of the contribution of King Sejong

King Sejong History
In Gwanghwamun square, there are 2 famous statues that you won’t missed. The statues were Admiral Yi sun si and King Sejong  the Great of Joseon. The Gwanghwamun square also located at the MIDDLE of the city. Oh yes ! You can see a lot of building and busy road around the Gwanghwamun square. The most beautiful view is that we can see the Gyeongbokgung Palace and there is a mountain behind the palace *not sure the name of that mountain*.

See that mountain !
After took a lot of pictures and selfies, we cross the big road to Gyeongbokgung palace. The fee is 3000W. The interior of the palace is really beautiful and really LARGE !! Gyeongbokgung palace is the main palace of Joseon Dynasty. And it is also the largest palace of the Five grand palace in Korea. Who lived in the palace in Joseon Dynasty? It’s the king of the Joseon Dynasty. Its actually being rebuild back with the original structure. Its really tiring to walk around the palace. 

The first gate of the Palace.

The third gate

Beautiful architecture
At 10.00am, there are performances of Royal Guard changing ceremony. We can experience the traditional event of Korea. We can also see how discipline they are as a guard. Its kinda awkward to take picture with the guard which are not SMILE for once. SCARY ok. We also saw that one of the guard try shut their eyes of just look at the ground so that they are not smiling. After took some picture, we went back to Gwanghwamun square to eat our lunch that we packed from the hostel.

Guard changing ceremony
With the General

He is a human being ! 
The third place we went is Insadong. Insadong is the place that we can buy souvenir and we can see all sort of crafting there. Its really unique though. I love to watch the scenery there, its somehow peaceful. We searched for Samziegil which have 4 floor that have handmade and craft things that you can buy. We rest a bit in the Ddong Café or Poops Café. Yes, you ready it right. The interior of the café is filled with poops (not a really poops), toilet sit, and others. I bought Americano there and some poop bread. The bread is not that delicious like I expected. The Americano is good.

Insadong street

Handmade shoes


Poop bread and americano
The fourth place is we went to Ewha University Street. Shopping heaven I must say. A lot of cute dress and clothes. And it’s kinda cheap. We can get shoes for 10000W to 20000W. You can also buy a lot girly clothes and mens shirt. Its kinda cool though in the shop, the seller can only speak a little English. We speak in English and they replied in Korean. Haha. Luckily, we can understand. Its kinda magical though. I also try to speak my little Korean and there are 2 shops owner told me that my Korean is good and even thought that I was the student here. Haha. *banggala, orang korea cakap I reti bahasa dorang. Bukan senang ok*.  So, we get a lot of discount there. *bolehlah* After done shopping, we went back to our hostel. We do Jamak in our hostel for asar and zohor.
Cute shoes with cheap price
In night time, Sher, syafia and I took a walked around Itaewon. There are a lot of club and bar there. You can see a lot of foreigners here. Yes, Itaewon is the foreign street therefore you can see a lot of foreign market, lot of halal restaurant, Turkish food and also malay food ! On that day, we manage to watch an accident happened. I think because of drunk driver. Drink a lot of soju I must say. Haha.

Itaewon street at night
Street food

End of our second day !

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