Saturday, December 16, 2017

Ismail Izani, Khai Bahar and Nastia

Hyee! Disebabkan excited sangat nak menulis, sanggup tak tidur lagi ni walaupun esok kene masuk ward lagi. Teruk betul. Haha. Tapi x apa..

Malam tadi, sufi, za, adilah and I went for a charity concert that was held at Panggung Percubaan, UPM. This charity concert is to collect funds for Persatuan ibu2 tunggal in Tumpat, Kelantan.
In these concert, they have Ismail Izani, Nastia and of course Khai Bahar
Mula nya mmng target nak gi sini sebb Khai Bahar and nak dgr lagu Rapuh from Nastia. But then, seriously listening Nastia performing live with live music makes me "so-called-new fan? " hahah. Pukul 6pm tadi dah siap pergi ward and settle kan lah kes dekat ward and alhamdullilah, the VO there checked my case early. so, about 8.15pm, the VO already checked all warded cases, and tinggal nk blik je ni. So, x rase bersalah sgt lah sebab dah memang boleh blik kan?

Sampai je kat Panggung Percubaan, claim the ticket and find our seat. The first performance was from Ismail Izani. Then, Nastia was next. They were awesome. Really ! I mean it!
After Nastia, performing, is Khai Bahar turns! I was soooo pump up when listening to his high pitch when he sings. Gosh! Indescribable of what I felt that time. Fall in love one more time I guess?

During Khai Bahar's performance, I saw Nastia when back with all the instrument and all. Then, of course lah rase bersalah sebab nak lepas kan khai bahar perform. Suddenly, Sufi masuk muke excited giler. Rupenye, dia bergamba dengan Nastia. Peluang datang sekali kn? So, I just keluar je and found out that Nastia still there. Haha. The first impression from them is "tingginyee" . Haha. Its not the first time I encountered those impression. Dah byk kli. Happy okay dapat bergambar. X sia2 siapkan kes awal and keluar awal sikit dari ward sebab nk tgk dyrng ni perform. Hehe.

After Khai Bahar perform, biaselah. Nk bergambar semue. They let the people who have backstage pass to take picture with him. I patiently waiting je kat tepi tu sebab nk tunggu turn. Haha. And yes! I have this cute picture with him thnks khai for making my day more lively.

Hahaa. See u guys in the next blog.

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