Friday, October 20, 2017

Hye. kesayangan

Hye all. Its been a while that I have not wrote anything here. Im in my fifth year of veterinary school, An guess what?? A few months to go before graduate ! woohoo!
 Life such a headache sometimes, but those headache will become your memories. So live your life to the fullest right people?! haha

So what should I write today. Actually I wantt to share with you the trip that I went with my trip buddies. 



hahaa. What is puwokerto ? is it puerto rico? No, its a district of Jogja and it is  6 hours journey via car.
We actually went there for our indutrial training. It is really fun and superb experience. I must say that going to Indonesia is not the same feeling that you have when travelling to South Korea. *honestreviewpeeps* When I first went to Korea, Its really fun and seriously the best thing ever to be there. But when you travelling to Yogjakarta, you get more excited with the superb view that you will never imagine. I must say that Yogjakarta will serve you the most breathtaking view that you will ever wanted. Subhanallah. Thats the phrase that we will always said everytime we see something so magnificient. 

Althought Puwokerto is a small town, but there are so much thing that you can enjoy. I really want to thank all ibu2, bapak2 in BPPHTHU because taking care of us like your own child. I really thankful of that. :) And to the UNHAS friends that we've met, really a huge thnks for guiding us when we are there. 

Enjoy the photos. 
Arriving in Jogja airport. We took a car ride for 6 hours Journey to Puwokerto.

First day of industrial training

Waktu ni, we were searching for food like half an hour. because the place was soooo berbukit2. penat okay mendaki.

Farm girl mybe?

Thank u so much pak diram

HAHAHA ! so candid ! I love you girlsss. 

credit to Hasim. tempat ni belakang farm kiterang je.

so pretty !

The place that I wanted to go. Borubudur~

Cntik okay. 
 Actually byk lagi gmba. but then, ada kat external pula. So lazy to upload now. Just enjoy our mini video.

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)