Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hallyu Theme

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It is a hallyu theme day for our fourth day in Korea. Oh yeah. You read it right. So, on the first morning we went to YG ENTERTAINMENT! YES!!! THE COMPANY WHERE BIGBANG, 2NE1, LEE HI, EPIK HIGH AND ETC were come from... I just don’t believe that we finally being there because I am YG stand. My ultimate bias group is bigbang ! YES, I’m a VIP. YG Entertainment are located far away from SM Entertainment, JYP, Cube and FNC. We have to take another train to go to the other entertainment building from YG. The environment of YG is not hectic like I imagine. Besides YG building, there is an apartment and there is a near GS25 store (sort of like 7E). We met a 2 group of fans just like us to take some picture. We want to take picture that the YG’s logo can be seing so we ask the guard there to give us permission. He told us to take picture from ’there’. We take a few step away from the guard and try to take picture, suddenly there is one bodyguard or a guy ( IDK, he just work with YG) scold us -________-“ he can just said it nicely duhhh ! So, we took some picture from outside. Hmmm.

On Our way to YG

This place is actually a dumpster
YG building
Muke lepas kene marah --"
We continue our journey to SME, JYP, Cube and FNC which located in Gangnam. We actually lost to find SME. We met 2 girls from Japan and they also kinda lost. It took us about 1 hour and 30 minutes to find our way. ITS SOOO TIRING ! So we decided to take a cab. And there is SME. No fence or wall so we can just walk and took picture in fron of SME. In front of the SME, is a playground that usually fans will hang out there to wait for their idol to come out. Such a fanatic fan I must say. In front of the building, we met a group of Indonesian. They are very nice and friendly. One of them get a chance to take a picture with CHA TAE HYUN ! SO LUCKY !!! After a few selca and picture we took a rest in the playground and ate our lunch that we bought from the guesthouse. While we eating, the Indonesian said that they want to lead us to JYP, Cube, and FNC building. We just packed our leftover and follow them. We get a chance to know about them. They said that they will be in Malaysia after stayed in Korea. We will also board the same plane with them on 28th August. Jodoh mungkin… haha. I was pretty amazed with this one guy, because he could speak Korean because he’s work here (obviously) but he can’t speak Indonesian properly I guess (just couldn’t understand what he is saying). They bought us to the place where they met Cha Tae Hyun. Unfortunately, he just left a few minutes ago. It is so sad. But we met Kahi from After School (Idk her though). After went to a few entertainment, we went to subway. Before leaving, we exchange our SNS so that we could be in touch.

Gangnam street

The car so coooll

Kahi After School

After that we went Hyewha. We went to Seungri’s café !!! (AND Here café) Idk why he named the café like that. But, I’m really grateful to be here in seungri’s café. Seungri is my ultimate bias in bigbang. We ate Marshmallow waffle and Americano. After eating, we look around the café. There is tons of seungri’s stuff. The important part of the café is the gorilla. The gorilla statue actually was a gift from TOP to seungri. Other than that. There are a sections where a lots of signature (REAL ONE) and the gift from the fans. It’s really cool! And I can feel the present of seungri’s there. HAHA…

Americano and Marshmallow Waffle
The gorilla
Baby <3

Happy to be here !!! :)
We need to find somewhere to perform our prayer, so we decided to perform it under the staircase of this one building. Done our solat, we went to Ihwa mural village which kinda near with the subway. But the road towards Ihwa mural village was extremely tough. The road was really steep and we almost like hiking to the village. We were unable to finish looking around the village because we were extremely tired for today. I guess we already reached our limit. On our way back to subway station, I bought bbopki for my sister. It is actually a game, whoever can follow the shape of the bbopki will not pay for the biskut. But, whoever failed to follow the shape need to buy the bbopki. It actually made from sugar and baking soda.
View from the top of the hill

Our last journey was to go to Dongdaemun market where usually the price was cheap for shopping. Unfortunately, the markets were closed. Hmm… We went to take a rest at Cheonggyecheon Stream. The stream is so nice, and the water there is clear. There were some fish there and people love to deep their feet in the water. During summer and autumn is the time where all the green were there and people will take their time to walk around the area.

Therefore, we finished our fourth day. 

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