Sunday, August 30, 2015

First Day in Korea !

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Its so excited for finally to tell about my awesome experience in korea !  I went to korea with the other 4 of my friends which are also my coursemate. We had planned to go to Korea since April and finally we there. Such an awesome things to do. Haha.

I first arrived at Sufi’s house at 4.30pm. Her dad fetched me at Sungai buloh station. At 9.30 pm, we went to KLIA 2. We actually kinda late because our friends already there. Our flight were at 0100 and our boarding time is at 1200. We are so excited by the looked of our face.
All excited faces

Ready for boarding

Our first ride in plane

 The journey took us about 6 hours and 20 minutes, approximately. It’s my first time rode an airplane. The feeling was awesome that I can finally in the plane and fly. Dreams do come true though. We arrived in Incheon Airport at 8.30am. Its really had those different feeling in Korea or am I just too excited. Haha. After done our business (immigration, blah blahblah), we went to buy T money (which are sort of like Touch n Go card) and I had my first banana milk in Korea (my favourite). The T money card cost around 3300 won if I’m not mistaken and I reload it 30000W.

Just arrived in Incheon Airport
Airport line to itaewon

Peah  J tut

We searched for train to go to Itaewon. We stayed at Itaewon inn which located really close with the subway exit. So, it kinda convenient for us to travel around seoul. We in a hurry actually because I already my a promised with my penpal (Kim Hyeon Joo) to meet in Itaewon. Unfortunately, we can only meet for one or two minutes because she had class that day. But she just so nice to spend those precious time to meet me. *Long distance relationship* haaha. 
Kim Hyeon Joo
Welcome to Itaewon inn
We went to Itaewon inn to checked inn, luckily there is room that we booked available (already cleaned). After resting and pray, we start our adventure in Korea. 

Gamba flipped

Kpop stall

Watermelon juice

This shop sell a lot of cute stuff

Myeongdong at night

First , we went to Myeongdong. Myeongdong is the heaven of cosmetics. PARADISE I must say. It’s much cheaper if you compare to Malaysia price. *I cannot believe that we are here* haha. We were at Myeongdong at till night. It’s true when people said that the street become alive when it’s come to night time. A lot of street food, street stall were there. A lot of clothes and food were sold. 

Tandoori and curry ~~

We were so hungry because we didn’t eat anything after reach to Korea. Its really hard to find Halal food. Luckily we met mobile tourist information (people who wear red shirt and hat). They helped tourist if we got lost. So we ask them where is halal restaurant. Therefore we went to Tibet Restaurant. We bought 2 set of *I don’t know the name* and cost us about 88000w. Its really delicious though. After that we make a move and we met this guy who make a dragon beard. Dragon beard is a food which made from cornflour, honey and filled with almond or chocolate. Its really melt into your mouth. *happy face*.
With Dragon beard making ahjussi 
We are getting tired, so we leaved myeongdong at 2100 to Itaewon. The view of Itaewon at night was really beautiful. That’s the end of our journey in our first day. 

Tgk ap tuu !!
Muke penat tpi happy !
Itaewon at night

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