Thursday, August 6, 2015

Big Bang - Let's not fall in love

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Hyee ~ So today I'm gonna do my own thought about Big Bang newest MV, Let's Not fall in love.
This song is practically a sad song. This song talk about how they like this girls. but they can't fall in love with her. In simple word, they have to friendzone the girls. At first when I listen to this song, its not that exciting when I listen to "If you" and "loser"... But the more I heard the song, I really like it. Big Bang will be always a Big Bang. I never doubt about their song that will hit the kpop chart. They deserve it ~ Saranghaeyo Bigbang ! Fighting !! <3 Taeyang's hair ! I like the colour of the hair. Min Hyorin such a lucky girl T.T His sweet voice can never be a challenge !! Top will be always a bingu, haha. Look at the shirt his wearing.. No long sleeves? That's new TOP. Keep it up! haha. I feel like TOP become more confident now showing his hand. I never expect that TOP will be on the first verse. Its feel like stomach rolling and cheer for TOP (merepek).  Seungri ! my seungri !! FYI, Seungri is my ultimate bias... I hope I can meet you again ~ ( Read about THINKING OF YOU FANMEETING). His hair his smile is the outermost perfect. I like his hair, how playful he is. haha ! I can hear that seungri have improved his vocal. He's sound so good ...  With GD's eyes and glare I can feel that all the girl out there will be going crazy.. HOW CAN A PERSON HAVE THOSE EYESS!! *Melt inside* And Daesung, the angelic voice throughout the album. I really expected a lot from daesung because of his voice. The smile though. And thats all for today. I know my review may see me as soo fangirling... this is because I am ! Toodles...

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)