Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bigbang Fan meeting "Thinking of you"

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kononnye hujan tp x pun ~ haihh. tp during show tu hujan lh. best main hujan ngn bigbang !!!
okkk !!!! Nak bercerite ni ! Aduihh. perasaan yang sgt2 tak boleh di gambarkan ! GEMBIRE OK!
Really happy about 16/3/2014 at Sunway Surf Beach !!!! BIGBANG !!!!! I met my love love love SEUNGRIIIIIII, Taeyang and GD~ I really obsessed with them. Mase 2012 dlu, Bigbang held a concert which is called Alive Concert 2012. So, That time I really want to go to the concert because of the exam and money I can't go. huhhuhu. Really sad and I waited so long for them to come back to Malaysia. mase tu jgak lh everybody keep on saying my name as if I went for that concert which I'm NOT !!!

ANYWHERE, I went for a fanmeeting which is called "THINKING OF YOU" with GD,YB and SR. I don't know how I want to described my feeling when Seungri appeared! The first person I want to see of course seungri. I really love Seungri if you ask me to choose who I really want to meet. haha ~ Sorry taeyang, GD. ^^"~
Actually Seungri have a sore throat that day so I kinda dissapointed because he was not speak a lot like he usually did. And his voice wow ! SOO masculine I tell you ! haha. Its believe that Seungri having a sore throat because he's talking to much during Singapore's fan meeting. Hurmm. its really sad !!!! :(( 

The concert start when the DJ appears and tell us that the boys already at the backstage and its really makes us so excited for them to appear. And then, the MC pick a lucky draw from ZONE A, B,C and D. and for VVIP 1 and 2 were picked by the boys themselves. But its kinda unfair I think because not just I being jealous for not had an opportunity to go to the stage but its really disappointed because I bought a VVIP ticket and I thought that all the VVIP able to meet them and get their signature because for me it will be more worth it. We pay a good money for the fan meeting and we not paid the money because to see the 8 of the lucky winner got a chance to go on stage. But we as VVIP just look and being jealous. T_________T.

After the games with the fan which I dont want to talk about. taeyang appear with his song ! And yeah ! It's true ! Taeyang is a really good dancer !!!!!  *SCREAM* !!! and Then SEUNGRIIIIIIIIIII!I!!!!!!! HAHAHAA ! awww ! Seungri such an adorable panda !!!! He put a lot of effort to make his fan happy by put a really good show. Seriously I am so happy and I thought I going to faint ! Seungri is INFRONT OF ME !!!! IN FRONT OF ME I TELL YOU !!!! haha ~ 
Seungri in person is really chubby aww he is really really  handsome and cute. really! Haihhh ! Its sad that I did not had a chance to meet him in person meaning that face-to-face with him. huhuu.

Next GD ! GD such a good performance. He is a true leader. He able to make all the fan melt. 
 GD: Did you miss me? 
GD: did you miss me? (morecute)
Fan: Yeah !!!! 
GD: You never know how much I miss you !

awww ! GD is such a gentlemen. Really cute. His smile melt everyone's heart. REALLY !

After that, they start singing Bad boy and Fantastic baby. During the fantastic baby seungri looking at my camera !!! I was going crazyy ! And my instinct is that, Seungri notice me in the crowd because maybe because: 
I'm tall than others in the crowd or He notice me when everytime he at the stage which there's me I was like screaming and screamm!!! haha ~ I think he notice because of both. haha. *My grammar already tunggang langgang* haihh, 

But its really sad that I wanted to give seungri something but he buat2 x tau je. and every fan that want to give the boys something, they ignore. I think their agency already told them for not take any gift from fan but don't you think that the fan effort to buy them a gift became useless. I felt like that. Its really sad. hurmm
As summary of the fanmeeting, its full of sad and excitement. but most of the time I having a really good time and I really enjoy myself during the fan meeting. Its make me a true VIP right now. 
I love BIGBANG so much !!!!! Jyeah !!! I almost forgot ! I GOT CNDY FROM TAEYANG AND SEUNGRI. They throw candy to the fan and I am kinda the lucky one that able to get from SEUNGRII and TAEYANG ! ^^"~ LOVE ~
 p/s: thnks ain blnje wawa ! thnks so much layan perngai wawa ~ mnngis wawa jmpe seungri !

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)


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