Thursday, January 9, 2014

cuti sem! Almost there ~

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Yeay!!!! Almost there :) Tgk course2 lain dah mule balik. cemburu sgt2 ! IMMA SOOO JEALOUS ! :((
dengan satu paper je tinggal. mmng bermcm2 hasutan dan godaan btul lh. 
Ya Allah. Tabahkanlh hati aku ni yang lemah. Yang sgt mudah goyang. Hanya kau sahaja kekuatan aku.
 Hmm. Perjuangan harus di truskan. Kan Jihad menuntut ilmu ni. Haihh. first time final exam as degree student. I must say, its really really REALLY HARD !!! OMG !!!! I never thought it would be that hard ~
I guess, when I was in Foundation, things was easier because the lecturer gave us the spot fot every test and final. Hurmm. Now I can feel how hard is it.
I know Allah always be there for me so dont worry my little heart. I know I can do it.

p/s : untung sape2 yang dh habis tu ea. hurmm. toodles !!

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)