Sunday, April 1, 2012

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Sometime, I was thinking, How will be my future turn out?
Is it ok? or there's something that I must change.
And The most stupid thing that I wish was I want to be with you forever.
Such a great joke isn't it ? How can this be possible ?
Your didn't feel anything in your when you see me.
See me? Yeah, I know you didn't actually MEET me, But you just MET me by my picture.
Great !
Sometime, I want to be loved by somebody else that is not my FAMILY or MY FRIENDS
I want to be loved by the opposite sex of me.
I know I'm not the dream girl that every boys out there crazed.
Yes, I know I'm not perfect for you.
But deep down in my heart I can be such a perfect girl for you.
If I like someone, I will be so faithful to this guy.
Even a hundred handsome guys pass by, I will never look at them like I look at you.
For me, the guy that I love is different from others.
I will never compared you with others guy because I know you are so perfect for me.
Mister capital I, when you were sick, I was so worried.
I know you didn't told me.
But I see your picture that your sister post it.
She said you were so sick, and you would had an operation.
I was so worried that time. 
And I keep on praying that you will be ok.
Although it is just a minor operation, I was so worried
Even when you didn't online one day, I would felt lonely.
Because for me, when you're online, I can meet you, even though we didn't had any conversation that time.
It's the only way I want to meet you.
I don't why I like you, my friend said how can I love somebody when one guy be so nice for you ?
yeah I know.
I think I was desperate because I never experienced all of these.
All my friends that is boy treat me like a friend.
You know, they talk dirty sometime, the one that I love to play pranked on.
Even though I said that I'll be move on now.
When I found something that might interest you, I'll quickly post it for you because I want you to respond of my post.
When you comment my post, I was so damn happy that time.
I was keep on smiled and laughed because I was so happy !
I was so damn happy you know!

I think it is enough to be hurt by my ex crush.
He totally crush me and  broke my heart so badly.
He even change his number so I couldn't contact me and his girlfriend were mad at me.
I know she didn't show it, but I know!
I'm not that stupid.
I was so torn apart.
I don't want to be hurt anymore.
I want to be the person that you'll wish goodnight before you going to bed.
I also want to be loved by you. 
What a stupid dream?
I guess, hurmm. never mind :)
toodles ~

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)