Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Ardaniah Jamaluddin !

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SURPRISEE !!! Hahaha~
Happy Birthday to my awesome bff ever

Happy birthday to you,
you born in the zoo,
like monkey and kangaroo

I x sngke u already turn 18 now.
now u can speak #18xx ar.
I masih bawah umur lgi.
hahaha... my orng tue ni kene hormat kot.
Sbb dy byk sgt bagi nasiht, spirit and I know he'll be there for me.
Sorry if I ade buat salah silap...
Altho kte ade prnh gaduh, tp Alhamdullilah bnde 2 sume x brlarutan.
Sorry jgak klu wawa make ur Migrain even worst sbb layan wawa yg gile ni kn.
thanx because u always give me spirit to study when I feeling down and felt like I was totally give up.
You always console me if I got a big problem.
I still remember when my uncle past away, I think u the first person that I cried louder.
I'll never forget you.
You are my bestfriend and the bestest-friend ever.
Thanx been my friend.
Hope we can meet again next time.
InsyaAllah and I love you so much :) x

we are trio forever. peace :) x

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I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)