Monday, March 26, 2012

pfft ~

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Hey guys..
I think dh lame sgt I x update blog ni.
After dpt result SPM, mmng malas giler nk update sbb byk bnde kat dlm otak ni hah.
Btw, I bru je lalui satu lgi dugaan ni.
Allah je tau macm mane perasaan ni...
I just want to ask, what do u do if ur adik kene tendang, banned x tentu pasal, main lnggr je dy without any alasn yg kukuh? wtf ?
I know !!! bayangkan if ur adik 2 yg pling bongsu and sgt mnje with ur family.
I really sad that happened to my adik. And his friends said that is gurau.
I mean it, what the heck tendang is a gurau. Eventhough I am his sister, I'll never ever kick my own brother.
Allah Maha Besar and I know He love when people Bersabar.
bersabar 2 mmng satu nikmat. I know danial can excel any where he go.
He got Number 1/150 students.
He is really a genius, he so kind, never fight back, punctual and always obey when some one older than him ask him to do. But if it's something that is nonsense,  please... my brother have brain !
Never mind Danial, Your family always love u, and always support you :) 

p/s: I wish I got these ! Ayah, I want to meet them pretty please !!! Especially Zayn Malik :) 

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)