Thursday, March 22, 2012

my result ^^"~

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mesty byk tunggu2 kn result kte ! haghaa.
mals sbnrnye nk update.
Alhamdullilah result kte ok sgt2 ! sgt trharu and trpernjat sgt. :)
Bersyukur sgt2 Ya Allah.
Terime kasih pade mama, ayah, ain and danial :)
x lupe jgak pde sume warge Clarion.
Korang yg x dpt result ok x pe. 
Nnty kat Universiti tebus blik kesalahan korng 2.
I know u guys can do it.

p/s : Izzah, I know u can do it. Don't playing around after this ok :)
I really miss you so much :)

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)


Nesayang said...

kau dpt berapa? :)

Iera balqis said...

tahniah dpt result yg memberangsangkan..pas da dpt result tu , nak sambung study kat ne plak..hehe..anyway gudluck for ur future..hihi :D

Anyway , done follow here & komen ur entry..hit me back..please visit & follow my blog.. & please give some an ur opinion my entry also..tq ^^

FaraFatihah said...

hehe. thanx :)