Friday, March 30, 2012

I think I was naive...

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when u guys read this, I was actually crying and my friend Dani try to console me.
Wow, I've been hurt twice now. 
I should've known that this would happend if I started fall in love again.
I though he will be single in a meantime. 
But, I guess he already got his replacement for his previous girlfriend
Wow, it is really hurtful. I couldn't barely hold it my tears.
I felt really bad now.
I wish I'll never know him.
I will never help him
I will never be nice to him
I will never ....LOVE him again
It's sucks.
I think if my mum know that I was actually cried over him.
my mum will be totally be mad right now.

I think 3 month is enough. 
I don't want to spend nearly 2 years and give a full hope on him like I did to Amir.
hahaha. Its over.
I must put a fullstop today.
I don't want to enter my April with my heart broken,
Ok *****, I will give up my hope for you.
I hope you will be happy with your life.
happy Study and I will always be there for you if u needed me.
*if you want my help or you want ur girlfriend's.
I guess u must need your girlfriends aite?
*Smile with my heart broken. 
Thanx ~ :)

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)