Thursday, March 15, 2012

Facts about OneDirection :)

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  • Ideal kiss is on a roof under the moonlight
  • cries watching Chick Flicks
  • is 5'9
  • Smokes
  • Dates not younger than 16 y/o
  • Secret talent is drawing
  • Favourite colour is blue
  • Is a Niall Fan
  • bites his lips when he's nervous or hiding something
  • has dated triplet dates (not cheating, just naughty) haha!
  • he thinks that the best part of a girl is her eyes ^^"~
  • likes curvy girls
  • can't live without his phone
  • favorite kind of date is dinner and movie
  • used to write song for his girlfriend
  • favorite song is Thriller - MJ
  • Will look at the mirror the longest
  • He's muslim
  • He looks for intelligent girl

  • is 5'7
  • dates no younger that 14
  • loves his beds almost as much as he loves food and sleeping
  • wants to live in Nandos
  • would date a fan as long as she didn't fangirl in front of him
  • Favorite colour is green
  • when he met Justin Bieber, he escort him out so that he can scream.
  • Love being funny
  • likes when girls play with his hair
  • loves snuggling and Disney Movie
  • is 5'10
  • dates no younger than 14
  • hates loud girls
  • likes quiet, smiley girls and happy
  • thinks that dedicated fans is the cutest
  • favorite color is purple
  • is zayn fan
  • can't live with his hairwax
  • wants a passionate kiss in the rain
  • he is 5'10
  • if u straighten his hair, he will cry
  • dates no younger than 14
  • ALWAYS kisses on first dates
  • has slept naked with louis (omg)
  • Likes girls who smiles
  • favorite color is pink
  • amazing flirt
  • near-seduced Louis many time
  • has soft hand
  • love turtle
  • is Louis fan
  • Can't live without his laptop
  • Cleaning freak 

  • pretended be Edward Cullen after watching New Moon
  • is 5'9
  • dates no younger than 17
  • loves shopping but won't admit it
  • favorite color is red
  • Plays piano very well
  • likes girl who eats carrot
  • very sillies when in their diary videos
  • very loud
  • spoke french
  • cries during romantic comedies
  • prefer kissing to hugging
  • sleep walks
tell me if you want to copy, thanks :)

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)


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