Friday, December 4, 2009

It is wrong???

Do I need to be like this????

I know my result will be known just around the corner! but must I really get nervous everytime??? I mean EVRY SINGLE TIME!!!! I'm the human being that need to relax, I'm not that person that Always I mean it ALWAYS "huhuhu... takutlah dpt result" I need to relax for a while to release my tension about PMR... I know that I must to but it will stress me up and I couldn't do anything... I must make this holiday relax and chill for my mind and of course MY BRAIN for next year! Actually I always scared about my result, but I just kept it just for me... I don't want anyboddy know about it because if I talk about it, it will make me soo annoying person and everybody willl avoid my presence... But why anyone couldn't understand about my situation??? Why?? I must always look like I'm in pain so people will know that I worried about my result! I hate is so much! I always thinking my result, could I got Straight A's??? Im so stress right now! This come in a very deep from my heart! How I'm stressing right now! Soo! Now everybody know I'm Stress! This reaction can make evrybody said " owh! that is stressing"... Like this! Im not like a robot that can be programme! I need to be relax! In the same time I also afraid about my result! ok! now I think I make it a nonsense thing! I just fed up!!!

My situation = need to relax + afraid about my result + stressing f**king out + s**ting around!!!!!!!!!

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)