Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy! Happy! Happy!

Happy! I'm really happy right now because I don't have any problem to think of about crushes, studies, friends!!! OMG! I'm sooo release! Its so great though because everything back to normal again! As you can see I'm not that "having problem" kind of person! I like to laugh, singing, dancing and what so ever that make my heart happier than ever... I don't like sadness, feeling guilty, depressed all sort of thing! Oh God! I'm so happy with my life now! All I need to do is to think back what I've done about 7 month ago! I'll always thinking about my crush all day long! Because I know that I really like him but he's don't... So I must move on and start a new life... And now! I'm so happy, although there sometime I feeling that I love him but I try my best to think about it and slowly I release this feeling! I always remember what he's said that "..just "like" people doesn't mean it cud b dat deep.." I always remember this word! And yeah! Its true! I hate crushing people! Damn it! Hate it so badly... =( AHHH!!! FULL STOP!!! DONE! OK!

Now! What happen for today??? : NONE!
Its so boring! the school must done something excited for us...
We just sit back and watch some movie... I mean not that boring movie but its hurt our hips!
Ah!!! But thanks god that I been in ADC club! so not so bored at all!
And again! yeah! Today I met my best friend : Radin that about 2 days didn't see her!
huh! hey! FOR 3 BERLIAN'S GIRLS! don't think something else... Radin not my only best friend, u guys also! chill out k! =) ILYGSM!

I think that's all for today!

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)