Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sem 3

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Hey guys. How's the time flies...
It is a very interesting journey here in UPM as an Asasi Student. There's a lot of tears and laughter throughout this battle. 
It is the last sem rite now and it is really unforgettable memories.
I met the awesome best friends here which is Kami berlapan and they were sooo awesome.
we really like sisters. Really frequently we said the same word or phrase together as if we have the same mind. haha.
ade yg x de ni. hehe
and yeah we always study a lot and gave motivation together. Whoa, I will miss u guys so much ok !
Hope, along this sem 3, we will create a lot of memories together before we go with our own path on degree. Hopefully, we will always be Bff ! :D
Boboy (Faizul), Achik(Alya), Kak Long(Nabilah),Alang(Pia),Adik(raimi),Angah(Sirin), Atehh(Me), Adik Kecik(Lah) :)

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)