Sunday, January 6, 2013

meet the sirin and Abng taleeb. :D

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Hey all ! :) 
hee :D Dah lame dh x update ze blog ! bersarang dh. aigoo =="
being busy lately with final and all. Alhamdullilah :) Everythng ok kot.
bleh jwab final dgn baik but calculus and chemistry mmng redha sgt2.
by the way, Just want to tell u guys..
hari ni dpt jumpe dgn Pemenang Nova Media Baru 2012 ni ^^"~
He's awesome. Melayan je ktrng. nmpk lh ktrng ni mcm budak kecik kot.
oh yeah, berjalan ngn Sirin *ZeKamiBerlapan*
Thanks sirin sebab sudi kuar ngn aku. hehee. nnty next time kte brjln tmpt lain ar pulak.
Jusco tamn U dh, kte brjalan kat jusco bukit indah ar plak. hee :D
Btw, abng taleeb ni....
He's really friendly, talkative lh jgak haha and dy mmng baik.
Oh yeah, nmpk lah abng tu suke bergmba :p
but, that doesn't matter. I just really touched that he willing to come here and meet us. 
thank you for your time abng ! we really appreciate it a lot. 
till we meet again ^^"~

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)