Wednesday, April 25, 2012

matrik oh matrik

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Hye semue.
It have been such a rough week for me. 
Struggling for my essay for my friend :DD,and to face my reality that someone didn't realize that I want to start all over again. But, hey, he's a human being. So, he got his opinion whether to trust me or not.
I just need to go on with my life without someone like him in my life anymore.

Sooo, I want to tell you guys I got KMJ !
Yes, Kolej Matrikulasi Johor, Tangkak.
Don't believe it ? haha
ni hah ~ 
see! I told you ~ hehe
Alhamdullilah,dpt gak matriks yg nak.First choice tau !
KMJ was used to be my sister's college.
I already been there and the environment there are really peaceful and refreshing.
It is the place for study for sure.No distraction.
And this college, near with pekan Tangkak and the famous place that the study love to go is KFC there.
hahaha. This college also near with Gunung Ledang and also near with Melaka. 
Don't you say that matriculation for the person that got lowest gred in SPM.
NO ! ade je yg 11A pegi matriks sbb nk trus ke degree.
It is quite easy BUT to survive in matriculation was really hard.
It is the same like foundation. So, for this one whole year, keep on study and struggle it really hard.
Then after one year, you can relax yourself a lil bit for degree.
hahaa. Different people has a different experienced.
To make it a beautiful experienced just study and aim high for you future ok.
After you have your career and later on you will think back for all your sacrificed to achieve you dream.
And it will be cool. 
k guys.

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

tahniah2 ..
tak paham ar nape org cam senang2 je tolak matrik .. kalo kasi tempat diorang tu kat chinese mmg dah sah2 diorang rebut .. n why bother applying in the first place rite kalo tanak? ..

FaraFatihah said...

Thnks :)
yup. mmng x fham. Klu suke2 x yah ar msuk.
byk Chinese yg msuk kot matriks ni ~