Monday, December 26, 2011

Zayn Malik :)


Assalamualaikum readers !
today, Fara sje2 je nk post blog..
About Zayn Malik <3
As u all want to know, Zayn malik is one of the member of One Direction !
He is super hot and totally Muslim !

Some people confuse that if he is muslim, why he wear a cross necklace which is symbolic to Christian.
He actually wore those for fashion matters.
But as u can see Zayn already live in England for such a long time, maybe is all about pengaruh rakan sebaya ! :)
Btw, this is the some facts about him :
1.zayn is officialy SINGLE 
2.  Zayn Malik is part of a band called one direction
3.  Zayn Malik  attended Lower fields primary school
4.  Zayn Malik Fave song is "Barbie girl" As he says
5.  Zayn Malik Can play the triangle
6.  If Zayn Malik had to date one contestant from the Xfactor house it would be Rebecca Ferguson
7.  Zayn Maliks first job was apperantly a waiter at a family restaurant 
8.  Zayn Malik is said to be vain even as a baby I Remember Being Err Little Kid.......... I Just Love Being Centre Of Attention"
9.  Zayn Malik Likes Girls With Nice Smile "I Look At A Grls Smile If She Got A Nice Smile then Errr Pretty Much Makes Everything Worthwhile" aww 
10. Zayn Malik Name Is Origionally Spelt Like 'Zain' But He Prefers 'Zayn'
11. If Zayn Could be any Animal He'd be a lion RAWRR
12. Zayn Malik Spends the longest time looking at the mirror
13. Zayn Malik may be flirty, but hes a bit shy in front of the camera
14.  Zayn is a muslim and proud he'd like to be the first muslim winner of Xfactor
15. Zayn has light brown Eyes
16. Zayn Malik has a beauty mark next to his lip
17.  Zayn Malik has a habit of biting inside of his bottom lip
18.  Zayn left ear is pierced
19. Zayn has a six pack
20. Zayns Official Twitter Page is @zaynmalik

So this is all about Zayn Malik I can talk !

One Direction :)

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)


Anonymous said...

but i have seen that he has a tatoo in his body , how about that ?? is that true ??

FaraFatihah said...

Nabila : Yup. He's have tattoos. He just a muslim by name but all his attitudes and how he live in his daily life like a nonmuslim. so sad rite? :(