Sunday, December 25, 2011

Malacca ~

Assalamualaikum readers !
Hey, I just came back from Malacca ~
What a great + tired journey ! = ="
Actually I went to Malacca because my dad's mentee and also Aimi's brother !
haahha ~
I x sempat jumpe Aimi pun, but really miss her a lot.
Tulah, ayah suruh I jmpe dy tp malumalu ~ = ="
Senget betul I ni.
Anywhere, I got some picture of her...
Aww ! She's so ayu !
sgt2 kot...
Ayu kn aimi in Red ! :p
hahahah ~ ayu kn ?
Msti the seserian snyum je kn tgk gmba aimi ni !
Bt, seriously, she so Ayu like cara jalan dy pun lain ! hahhaha !
Sorry Aimi ~
hahhaha !
Really tired ok ! Keluar rmah lke 9 am then arrived home 9 pm.
Great rite?
we went to Batu Pahat, Tangkak, Melaka, Back to Tangkak and went back to Johor Bahru ~
really tired ok ~
Dlam krete seriously havoc giler sbb we discuss about danial.He went to SDAR aite.
First time in his life going to Boarding School ! :)
err, ok ~ Till then ~ 
Thanx for reading !

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)


Lee Reyn Kwon said...

done hit u bebeh ,

FaraFatihah said...

thanx !