Tuesday, June 15, 2010


hey! I just done homework!! Yay! So darn happy... tomorrow I will be hang out with my precious friends! Can't wait though... I miss them a lot! emm, Btw... I miss him AGAIN! hahaha! Its good though... LOL! Idk lately I kinda insane and I laugh a lot! Ahhh! Good to be myself again... emm, oh yeah! I just forgot! I just watch Adam Lambert new video clip " If I had you"... Its awesome! I love the song but just one thing! The concept of the video is not suitable or related with the message of the song! But I really like that song so much! So! If you want to watch it just click the link ok! ^.^


P/S: But if I had you, that would be the only thing that i would ever need
Yeah if I had you, then money fame and fortune never could compete
If I had you, life would be a party it'd be ecstasy
If I had you
You you you you you
If I had you

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)