Sunday, November 1, 2009

I really get over him right on this moment! ( 1.11.09)

yeah! I must let go of him! Its time for me to move on! hello!!! he's not here FARA!!!! don't dreaming again!!! I must be strong. Like my friends said to me, Kumbang bukn seekor... YEah! they rite, and now its will be a beggining for my new chapter of life... My sister always say to me that don't find love at the school world, because its just a puppy love... So, yeah! I just want 2 say that thanks to my sister, my friends and my aunt (ucu), always help me in any problem... they are the best! Love u guys so much!

but, I must do something...
I must say that I'm sorry coz I make my crush "rimas" or make him don't have any space...
So, yeah! I'm really sorry for what I done, coz I really like you but u don't and make me hurt...
but when I think about it, it sound silly... REALLY!
I hate to say this but its the truth, I will not like u anymore ****! coz it just hurt me alot! so! we're still friend ok? Please!
the message that you send to me really make me realise that I can't make people to like me...
so! like he said, just chill out!

and Now I pronounce that its the end of my crushing story with me and ****!

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)