Saturday, September 24, 2016

Welcome clinical year !

So yeah, I'm in my clinical year now. Sangatlah penat dan sangat salute pada senior2 yang dah grade.
They are so awesome to be able to survive in 4th year.
Maybe sebab aku still in a process of adaptation, so ssh sikit lah adapt masa yang sgt pack and busy ni.
Really try my best to adapt in this kind of situation. *Nak jadi doktorkn, kene kuatkan semngt*

So this week done with my first rotation in Lab, tpi astaghfirullah, mcm2 bnde kene study blik..
Sebab kenape??
sebab lupalah. bnde basic yang ak selalu bce pun bleh lupe.. Apatah lagi yg subjek first year dlu.

Fara ! You have to be strong ! hmm..

nnty lah update lagi !


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