Sunday, November 17, 2013

Morning talk :) Vet ~

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Alhamdullilah. Just finished my test, titas and Hub. Etnik yesterday. hah. For now on, I just need to focus for my animal agriculture's test. For me, it is the deathly, most killing subject EVER ! Biochem for me is ok. I guess because I love bio and chem so much. That is why I can do well for this subject (poyo je) haha. 

Gamba gedik ! :p ahhaa

Serious talk here ! Vet is not an easy career. I mean, everybody thinks that medic is the hardest. But I have to say NO ! Yeah, medic is about human, we have to know all different kind of veins, neuron, organ and etc. But people always said that vet only treat the small animals like cat and dog. Please people ! It is not what u guys thinking. A vet have to know how to treat ALL kind of ANIMAL around the WORLD !!! Yes ~ Including cattle, goat, sheep, bear, llama, camel and etc. And they all have different organ I mean the position of the organ. Avian is different, mammals and reptiles also different. But I don't know why, I really in love with vet. I never have thought that I will be a Vet for the next 5 years (InsyaAllah,Amin) instead of being a medical doctor. :) Thnks Allah for giving me an opportunity to be the career that certain people would think of. InsyaAllah, I want to be a good Veterinarian. And yeah,I want to be a WILDLIFE VETERINARIAN ! AUMM <3 haha . toodles people ! thanks for reading :)

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)