Friday, March 29, 2013

Almost there

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HELLO WORLD ! It's been a while *opening Break The Ice by Britney spears *. Ok. I start merepek already.
Now, I just need to focus on my final and another 35 days more the title of been Asperian is GONE !
Excited. really ! Living as an Asperian is really really REALLY tough job.
I mean it, SINCERELY ! 
They said that we, the Asper looks SOOO relax or chill out. But u guys didnt know what its feel like to be here.
We looks relax or chill because it's the way we put our stress out. 
But, its fun to be here. Find new friends that have tonnes of perangai. haha.
Now, I know how the worlds works. We have to be patience and have the strength inside of ourselves.
If not, we will be lost. Serious talk here ppl ! 
I x tau nk ckp ape lgi. So, gud luck in life and I guess it is not too late to congrate to all SPM Candidates 2012 that got a great and awesome result. For those yg x dpt result, relaks je ok. Maybe Allah dh sediakan bende yang lebih baik dri bende yg u guys fikir.
Maybe u will become arrogant bile dpt result best2. 
Ingt, kalau lah korng x trime result korng tu, umpama korang x trime takdir Allah.
so, keep on smiling and give ur best for the future :D

p/s: really proud of u my cousin. Altho u didnt manage to get straight A's but u really make me soo proud especially for ur parents :D Be a good accountancy nnty :D

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)