Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bookfair !!!

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Hey u guys ! Memandang hari ni hari minggu, so I spend my little time with my friend, Diya. 
Have u heard about The Big Bad Wolf books fair ? U have to go there ! Like seriously ! 
I'm a big fan of english novel and usually my novel will cost me RM 35 and above.
BUT !!!! today I bought 6 novel and it's just cost me RM 8 each !!!!!! I was like soooo excited about.
There's about 3 millions books selling there ! Please COME !!! IT IS THE BIGGEST BOOK FAIR EVER !!!
haaha ~ really excited about it tho...
where? U just have to go to Mines Convention Center which is located near the mines at Serdang !
Dont miss this precious chance to grab the expensive books with 75% until 95% discount !
Chow ~ ^^"~

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