Wednesday, April 18, 2012

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Hey guys, Skrng ni sume orng keep asking me 
"R u already apply for JPA/MARA?"
so I answer," x mohon JPA sbb x nk engineering and dh cancel MARA sbb nk gi IPTA"
Biar lah korng nk ckp ape kan. 
For me,I want to go to UPM, and do my foundation there.
and insyaAllah if my pointer is 3.5 and above I want to further my studies for medicine.
and people always said "what? Medic? bukan dh byk ke ? cari lah bidang lain"
Mcm nak ckp je "DIAM BOLEH X!"
hahaha... why?
sbb if u're a doctor, x semesti nye korng kene pegi keje kat hospital.
U guys bleh masuk politiik, buat perniagaan ke or better ! 
Bukak KLINIK sendiri..
See? kan byk je solution.
Like Dr. Mahathir. He's a doctor but he join the politics.
Ohmaii, I adore him so much...
Btw, biar lah kite pilih bidang yang kte minat as our kerjaya
sbb klu just ckp, "sye pilih this career sbb nk bngge mak and ayah"
Man!!!! WE are the one that studies right? And biar lah kerjaya tu yang halal and jgn jdi PEROMPAK sudah.
klu sape nk jdi fashion designer, chef or waiter x pe kot. jnji ade minat.
sbb bile dh minat, kte akan jadi ikhlas buat stu kerje 2.
And one more thing, My dad always said 
"Biarlah kite buat stu kerja ingt kerana ALLAH, nk merahmat kan bumi Allah ni. Supaya manusia x de yg dlm kesusahan"
For me, I want to take medic, sbb I really can't see orng dlm kesusahan, I'll find a solution to solve their problem and if my friend sakit, I think I'm the one rase nk je jdi doctor dy. If u don't believe can tell my dearest CLARION or my FIALAARIAN. hahaha
Its make me happy if I can help people.
SEE? I felt sorry for people and especially for my relative yg dh Meninggal dunia sbb sakit kronik and yg tgh skit. ade stu perasaan ni ckp, FARA, I want u to be a doctor InsyaAllah.
Dgn izin Allah, I will take medic as my career.
So, how's u guys? 
biar lah kte pilih kerjaye brdasarkan minat dan bidang tu biar lah bidang yang kte minat.

p/s: this is just my opinion. because different people have their different point of view. So, sorry klu u guys x setuju ea :) Toodles peeps ! 

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)