Tuesday, March 6, 2012

MasyaAllah ~

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hye reader, hari Fara x de crite sgt.
Otak dh beku kat rumh ni. 
pape punkn, Fara nk ask u guys a Question.
Ape perasaan korng if ur friends tetibe je ckp blkng u guys and tetibe je boikot korng?
Serius ni! Fara x fham kot this type of person.
I just can't stand for it.
Owh, bile dy ade problem, I selalu je ade kan ! Tolong dy, pampered dy.
Sebab sye syang sgt2 kwn sye. Sye selalu back up dy.
Klu orng ckp buruk psl dy, sye tolong back up kan. 
Sye selalu je dgr orng ckp blkang psl dy, tp sye sbgai kwn dy ni dgr jelah then mlas nk bgtau kawn sye sbb kenape?
I don't want these people to fight on this small thing.
If I know this would happened, I would never be their friends.
They were backstabber !
Wow ! Great, have a nice chit chat about me huh?
Well, carry on !
I'll never care about you guys again. So, what ?!
But, how terrible u guys were, I will always pray for u guys.
For your SPM. I want them to be happy with their life.
I don't want to fight with them. I just need to be patience. 
Because, Islam thought me to be calm because Allah love it.

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)


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