Thursday, March 8, 2012

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Read my nonsense please :)

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I have a thing to share. I know certain people don't care if they have friends or not. They also said that we can find friends anywhere and anyone that we like. But, what if we already find a friend and she/he was our bestfriend like for example she/he knows all about you and your family, about what have you been through and also if she/he have a problem, you and she/he would solved it together. I think it is not easy to find friend like these. Because for me if want to share our problem to someone, we must really know her/him or else they will told your secret to someone else right?

What if you lost your bestfriend all of sudden because of the mistake that you don't actually know?
It is really pathetic I know. because I already been through it before. Yeah, it is really hurtful and you felt that all your good deed was nothing in return. I mean, I know if we do something nice we can't asked for return. But at least appreciate a little so we as a friend felt a little appreciated. If we have a problem with our friend, for example if your friends were annoyed or do something that really really hurt your feeling or lied to you or talking back of you, you should told him/her so that they know their mistake. You can't simply ignored them all of sudden. I know that sometime I'm a little like that, if my friends do something wrong I would ignore them all of sudden but one day I would told them what actually happened and it's turned out that it was just a little mistake. 

Remember that all human is not perfect. If I do wrong please correct me, if you do wrong I will correct you. We are human being and we should be united as a human race. I know, there's a room for improvement especially for me. I agree that sometime or every time I do a mistake. Sometime also I can't agree with my mistake if someone commented about me. As I grow up now and a little bit matured, I realised that nobody would love or like us so for my advise, just ignore those haters of yours because they were jealous of you and if you think you didn't do something wrong, you just agree to them as long they don't think that you were stone hearted.

That's from me. I really appreciate if you guys read it. This was came from the bottom of my heart. :)
Peace ~ 

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)