Thursday, March 1, 2012

4 days :)

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Hey hey ~ lame giler Fara x post anything. sbb I was in the hospital for the past 4 days. Seriously penat.
I got fever, flu, batuk2 omaii ! 
Pape pun Danial dh sihat is ok :)
Danial had sinus.
Sinus dy dh truk. .
Danial's urat dekat nose (kte ade 6 urat :) )trsumbat. like 90% blocked.
The infection pun dh sampai mate dy. so, ad form of kelenjar dkat mate dy. 
My mum said that mate dy bengkak grenish sbb mate dy dh kene infection jgak.
So, Dr. Ridzo said that this was a very serious.
Sebb takt the mucus akan masuk ke paru-paru Danial.
So, he got to drilled. Nanah dh ade. --"
Danial masuk operation Theater 10.30 until 1.15.
He had to be in the Recovery room, tuggu dy sedar.
But, his blood pressure tnggi sgt, so nurses and doctor x bgi dy kuar lagi.
Allah knows how afraid my dad, mum and I were.
huh. But Alhamdullilah. evrything is ok.
So, Danial kene jgelah diri dy.
Hidung dh kene gerudi, kene jgelah 2. :)

First day masuk hospital :) nothin' happened.
Nose spray for sinus
For his eye :)
First injection that Danial received
Dah msuk dh kat dlm blood stream :(
See 8) Danial was cried mase msuk bnde ni kat dlm blood stream  dy
Baju for his Operation :(
KPJ Johor :)
hahaha :p 
Second day in the hospital, Danial was going to the Operation Theater.
Adik :)
Time ni, I dh resah giler :(
After the operation :( I can't watched Danial. I was crying.
Sedih tgk adik kecik macm ni :( Kepale dy a bit dizzy. Kesan bius.
Danial's tag.
The phlegm. :)
Take a good rest Adik :)
Danial awake from his sleep. 
See it ? the red liquid is the blood.
See the solid? click it to enlarge. The phlegm 
Danial :)
So, that's all. Danial :)

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)