Friday, February 17, 2012

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Hey readers,
Omaii, I just met Radin at Jusco Permas Jaya.
I really miss her.
last sekali jumpe, 2 pun kat kelas 4 Berlian after pindh sek ke seseri.
Omaii, x ubah lngsung makcik sorng 2.
dgn mulut dy byk ckp 2
And, td pun jumpe Along (Aidil). He work at Jusco as a cashier.
orry for him sbb I x friendly sgt td sbb I really segan about boys.
well, dh 2 tahun x jumpe lelaki same age kan?
haha. segan giler3.
But, dy keep on senyum with hope I'll Smile at him back. But once he see me and I see him my cheek become red.
ahhaa. MALU LAH !!!
agy pun last jumpe dy mase drjah 6. so, takut dy x knl me kn? hehe
Oh well ! Sorry Along. I like sombong sgt td. X de guts nk tgur u lah ! :)
Bye ! ^^"~

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)