Wednesday, January 25, 2012


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Hey Readers !
Today, I want to tell about this awesome and caring person ever. She always make me happy in every situation. She's my best friend, my sister, and I love her so much. Her name is Ardaniah Jamaluddin. I met her when I was in SESERI. Yes, I studied there since I got an offer for continue my studied there. When I was in form 4, I had homesick symptom and even my friends there cannot stand with me. But, Aimi was the one can stand with me and pampered me. I really miss her too. As for Dani, she's hate me like I was a terrible person in her life. Lol! But it was long time ago. Now, Dani and I are best friend. I love being her friend because I feel that I can talk with her a lot of thing such as about boys :p, about song, new videos and etc. You know what ? She's really love Physics and I still don't understand with all the physics concept. --" Sometime I called her a Physics Freak ! hahhaa ~ She really want to be Mechanical Engineering so I guess that's why she really love physics. Plus, she's also my teacher when I have a difficulty with my Physics. She's really helpful though. 

Currently, I like this guy. I think he's really sweet, funny and kind of weirdo a bit. So, I told Dani about this guy. She add him and I get really jealous because he willing to IM her first. I wish this guy IM me first but it is just a dream ! I've tried to be an interesting girl for him but he still ignore me like that. I know he gave his respond everytime I start the conversation but, why he doesn't start it first. huh... But, for me. I can't be jealous with Dani because of guy. I don't want this friendship ended because of guy. :) 

I hope Dani and I will be best friend forever and ever. Love you ! Peace out ! ^^'~

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)


Zaboravi Autorun said...
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FaraFatihah said...

must being nice chatting with him kn? I think it's over for me to like him already. I've done !

FaraFatihah said...

I know there's nothin between both of u. But, somehow the way he treat u make me jealous. Sorry, and I know u hate me because of my jealousy. I can't control it :(