Thursday, December 1, 2011

thanx for the scars ~ Its really hurtful~

hey ! Guess what? I cried about boy again...
yeah, its the same boy !
 tau x, hurt sgt !
I really in love with this guy for such a long time ~
I had changed my personalities, the way I dress ~
all about me I change because of him...
Its really hurt~ hurt so much...
I thought he will be mine ~
but, guess not ?
I don't know I can be hurt like this....
when I know he had a relationship with another girl...
I just keep smiling on that picture and then suddenly my tears falls ~
and I realised its really hurt ~

I suke dy sgt2...
3 tahun I suke dy ~
but now, God give me this feeling ~
thanx to him because u manage make me cry again ~
Now I can't stop crying ~
I can't sleep...
I'm hurt inside...
Why u do this to me ?
why ?
I'm not good enough rite ?
I'm not beautiful like ur girlfriend rite ?
Arghhh ! damn it I cried again !!!!
please scars, please heeled it faster...
I can't stand it ~

my friends prnah tnye if he got a girlfriend, how do I react?
I told her that I will be just fine...
and redha je...
Then the situation really happened and I can't be fine ~
I'm Hurt !
u know the meaning of hurt !

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)