Monday, November 22, 2010

raining !

Its rain AGAIN !
huhuhu !
Such a gloomy day...
and a good day for SPM candidates today because they can answer it with comfortable....
anyway, this Saturday, I will goin to Batu Pahat to attend a wedding !
My relatives...
yeah ! I miss Batu Pahat !
It has been such a long time I'm not at BP ! hhahaha! Grammar error !!!
nywy, I was doin' some revision on my Add Math !
hahaha! finally, I'm studying !
yeah ! really in shock too...
and yeah ! I'm fasting today !
More ?
nah ! I don't know what to write now !
lack of idea coz my love one is on an examination !
I hope you can do it !!!
I know you can do it !
Really love you !

I'm writting with my own style~thanks for reading :)