Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thai student!

Hey! yeah! There's were a Thai student come to here! They learning about our culture... They are so sweet like they were so polite! emm, But I'm just a lil bit sad coz I didn't get to be one of the buddy! huhuhu! But its ok! huh!!! SESERI will cooperate with ASiS! hahaha! they will be keep on comin to our school because of this international programme... btw, yesterday I went to "The Mall" and there were something disgusting happened! I just can't believe what I have seen... That guys were just so stupid and take a pleasure to us... So disgusting! arghh!!! I hate it! Really disgusting! eww! hahaha! Can't wait for the carnival tho! huhuhu!
p/s: I hope next year I can be the buddy! Chaiyok!

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